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This book gives an incredible platform for the conversation of insecurities, self-image, and self-talk to young people. It is difficult to know how to navigate those very real conversations with children, and I think that using this book can launch those conversations in such an organic way. I worked as a children's behavioral social worker for several years- and there are countless times I would have used this book as a reference. Would 100% recommend this for any social worker that works
directly with children!


Meet your child's next favorite book

The Furry Tales of Life is a new children's book series focused on mental health. This series will offer your child a new way of understanding tough topics such as body image, abandonment, bullying, insecurities, etc., with adorable, relatable characters. ​Learn more about the first book of the series,
Georgie the Corgi's Insecurities below!


Meet Georgie the Corgi

Georgie the Corgi loves going on walks and being with her other dog pals and human, but she is experiencing insecurities with herself and her body. She compares herself to other dogs' appearances and abilities, which makes her not feel good enough about herself. Through this insecurity, she is also dealing with a poor relationship with food and how the food effects her body: Will I look fat? Will I feel fat? Will this make me not feel good afterwards?

Learn how Georgie fights these negative thoughts and self-image through Georgie the Corgi's Insecurities! 

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